Agreement On Renting A Car

Please read the regulations below carefully. The car can only be rented under the following conditions.

1- The car cannot be used abroad and never be used in the conditons that are against law according to Turkish republic Laws.

2- The speed limit in the town centre is 50Km. on the motorway is 100Km. per hour. The vehicle cannot be used on the roads that are closed to traffic. Never race or do more that the speed limit.

3- The driver should have at least one year old driving licence and the driver should be 20 years of age. the vehicle cannot be used by other drivers except the person who rents the vehicle. In case of others driving, the name of the person, the number of the driving licence and the other documents should be added to the contract. Otherwise the car insurance is out of circulation. Therefore damage should be paid by the person who caused the accident.

4- The vehicle should be locket and parked in the right places.

5- In case of an accident, the vehicle should not be moved fand the report should be optained form the police. It should be reported to the rent a car company in 48 hours at the latest.

6- Radşos, spare tyres, etc. are not in cluded in the car insurance. In case of theft, the renter should pay for them.

7- If the car is used when you are drunk or using drungs, you should pay the damage in an accident.

8- You are responsible for the misuse of the vehicle sush as overspeed, using the gear and no attention to the scales of the oil, speed, heat and so on.

9- We have the right that we charge you for the damage if you are the blame in any accident when we cannot get money from the car insurance company.

10- We have the right to sure you in case you fond guilty in an accident or a damage. The case is held in the court of Alanya. You are not allowed Turkey unless the case has been over.

Article 3. Caution!

a) In case of turning to any side, get closer to the right and complete your turn after stopping and checking your back traffic.

b) In case of brake down or accident leave the vehicle as it is. Then call the police dialing 155 or call our rental office Tel: +90 242 565 35 36

c) You are not allowed to drive the vehicle in bad conditions like beaches water and stony areas.

d) Please bear in mind that you schould look at the temperature and oil scales in front of you all the time.

e) Please do not do more that 50Km. im the town centre 100Km. outside the town per hour.

f) The motor has to work least 10 minutes before swictch on the clima. Please switgh of the clima before to has to work the motor. Please switch of the clima while you drive with speed and on the path.